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How to Tell If You’re Driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini by the awesome people at Marconi Automotive Museum who don’t want you worrying about car identification, because who wants to be caught dead bragging about their Lamborghini when really it’s a Ferrari. #RutRowShaggy Supercars these days are easy to spot. When I see one driving…


10 Things The Marconi Can’t Go Without. I bet you could probably guess a few, considering all of us survive a Monday afternoon by staying caffeinated. Here are a few things The Marconi Automotive Museum & Foundation for Kids in Tustin, California, can’t live without on a yearly, monthly and daily basis. Be sure to…


UCI Engineering Alumni Event at The Marconi Automotive Museum located in Tustin, California. The only event venue in Orange County dripping with adrenaline and gives guests something to talk about for years to come. #TheMarconi is dedicated to donating a portion of net proceeds to at-risk children charities throughout Orange County. Get an event recap featuring…

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