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5 Reasons To Give Thanks For Your Car blog image

Can you even think of 5 reasons to give thanks for your car? Let’s try together, I’m sure we can come up with a few reasons to be thankful for the expensive hunk of metal that gets us from point A to B. What exactly is the meaning of Thanksgiving and what does Thanksgiving day…

How to Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter

So you live in Southern California and think you know how to make sure your car is ready for winter. Well, we’ve got news for you – weather is unpredictable and our winter weather could change at THE DROP OF A HAT! Live how the Boy Scouts do and be prepared. These tips and tricks…

birthdays at the marconi

Birthdays at The Marconi Automotive Museum & Foundation for Kids drip in adrenaline and leave guests with something to talk about for years to come. We recently hosted a 60th birthday party for Marti and did the hula all night long! Here is the event recap through photos, taken by Brian Hosoda and generously shared…

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