Why Are We Sleeping Out? So That Homeless Youth Don’t Have To …

What is the Sleep Out? An opportunity to fundraise for Covenant House to keep the lights on and doors open for all of the young people who need help. It’s not about pretending to be homeless, it’s about dedicating one night of being uncomfortable and vulnerable to benefit those nearly 6,000 at-risk kids searching for a safe place to sleep each night in Los Angeles.

For every donation made, Marconi Foundation For Kids (MFK) will match dollar for dollar up to $10,000. Help #teamMFK meet our goal of $20,000!

Nearly 2 million youth in America will face homelessness this year. The Sleep Out is an evening getting to know some of the homeless youth Covenant House supports and spending the night like many at-risk kids do in Orange County and Los Angeles, sleeping out on the street. Help raise funding for Covenant House programs that support youth who need our help.

“Why am I sleeping out? I am sleeping out on the streets of Hollywood on behalf of the homeless youth at Covenant House California. I have the luxury of sleeping in a warm bed, in a safe home, surrounded by loving and supportive family members. The youth of Covenant House do not experience this same thing, until they come into the CHC shelter. This story is not hopeless, because Covenant House is magnificently comprehensive in its work and programs. Tirelessly, 24 hours a day. I’ll be sleeping out on November 15th, so you don’t have to, but please donate to help me and #TeamMFK reach our goal. If you are able to give $5, $100, $500, or $1,000, it’s all appreciated because every dollar does matter. Thank you for helping us help kids!”