The Marconi Automotive Museum Crew want to help all you last minute shoppers out. So here’s our list of top 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Any Gearhead.

The holidays are upon us and per usual, we [me] have waited last minute to round up our holiday shopping for family, friends and spouses. Have you started to panic yet? Well Don’t, we’ve got you. Ditch the matching pajama set (unless it’s a must in your household, like mine) and boost head first into these auto inspired favs for your auto junkie this holiday season.

10. Straight Out Of Money T-shirt


For only $19.99 you may purchase this for the constant tinkerer, here.

9. Car Speedometer Cuff Links


$23 gets your guy feelin’ extra flossy with this bling. You can buy them, here.

8. Car Coasters

car coasters

Are you sick of your car cup holders getting sticky from only Zeus knows what? Well, for $10 you can solve this issue and have the pleasure of scrolling through the [almost] unlimited design options. Just click, here.

7. Cavallino Rampante Matte Finish Ceramic Mug


You can now own a Ferrari for less than $30! Rev up those engines in the morning by drinking coffee out of this mug with original Ferrari engine parts to stare at! Buy it, here. (available in different colors)

6. 8 Ball Shifter 


It’s on sale for the holiday season, only $14.95 and you can make your hunny an OG for lyfe. Purchase it, here.

5. String Art of Favorite Vehicle


Nothing says love like a VW bus! A small fee of $50 will get your favorite car crafted from nails and string! You may purchase it, here.  

4. Tassel Air Freshener


Does the car smell a bit like dog hair and mulch? Splurge with this $8 fabulous  freshener. Purchase it, here.

3. Jeep Sweatshirt


Do you have the ultimate off-roader on your hands? This durable and elite hoodie can keep your traveler warm and cozy. Purchase it, here.

2. Gears & Chain Clock


The coolest clock since sliced bread but well worth the $125 spent for this signature piece! Get it, here!

1. Toy Car Carrier


For our little car enthusiasts just starting out! Race around the track and then preserve them in the tiny pouches for safe keeping. Get it for $17, here.

And there you have it folks! Our run down of favorite car enthusiasts gifts we’ve seen here and there. Have a happy holiday and if you’re in the Southern California area, stop by #TheMarconi in Tustin to check us out!

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