Are You An Automotive Smarty Pants?

Are You An Automotive Smarty Pants? We’ve come up with a fun quiz to test those automotive skills, put your answers in the comment section to see if you’ve got what it takes. 1 – What is the biggest engine size available in the Jaguar XJ? A) 5 ltr. B) 3.2 ltr. C) 6.2 ltr. D) what does LTR […]

The Marconi is Eco Friendly!

From recycling to drought resistant landscape, we work to be Eco-friendly here at The Marconi Automotive Museum. We want to help the environment, so we made these few easy changes – you can too! By Abby Bogh 1. Drought Resistant Landscaping Here at The Museo we have no-water grass and desert-style landscaping, complete with lots […]

Fam Favorite Cars at The Marconi

Ferrari F50 at The Marconi||||||||

Fam Favorite Cars at The Marconi by Abby Bogh At this morning’s event, the client asked me what my favorite car was in the museum, which got me thinking…what are the Marconi Team’s favorite cars? What happened when I went around asking this question? Well, for starters, Vicki, Shannon, and Todd all chose the same […]

Shannon’s First Day Volunteering at KidWorks

Shannon’s first day volunteering at KidWorks was Friday and she spent the entire day worried she’d scare off a bunch of 3rd through 5th graders. She’s volunteer teaching at KidWorks for its KU program. KU (KidWorks University) is a 5-week program where kids elect to take courses they’re interested in after regular school hours. She’s […]

Let’s Play A Game – Which One Would You Rather?


Let’s Play A  Game – Which One Would You Rather? It’s a popular Tuesday game our social media followers participate in every week. The Marconi posts two cars with a very serious question that you must answer because your life might depend on it… Just kidding, we’ve got the mid-afternoon laughs going on over here… Let’s play a game, where […]