10 Things The Marconi Can’t Go Without. I bet you could probably guess a few, considering all of us survive a Monday afternoon by staying caffeinated. Here are a few things The Marconi Automotive Museum & Foundation for Kids in Tustin, California, can’t live without on a yearly, monthly and daily basis. Be sure to tell us what you can’t live without in the comment section below. Is a Ferrari in your top 10? ūüôā  

10. Ferrari’s¬†and Automobiles


If you’ve ever visited #TheMarconi or had an event at the museum, you know it’s a Ferrari haven with a sprinkle of historic Formula One cars and

American Muscle Classics. If there weren’t¬†any automobiles in the museum, where the heck would we all work?

Hallelujah for an abundance of cool cars!

9. Charity Partners


The Marconi Foundation for Kids serves Orange County and its local at-risk children’s charities. If it weren’t for all the work being done through these organizations we wouldn’t be able to assist

as many children in need, every year for the past 20 years.

8. Family Lunches


If it were 11:30AM right now, you’d hear Bo strolling through the office asking if everyone was ready for lun-lun (Bo-ism for lunch).¬†

Almost every day the team sits down together at the conference table and eats lunch together, discussing the most important trending topics…

7. Car Wax tumblr_mklzm4VeUq1rwt2uzo1_500

Not joking. If it weren’t for wax, the cars in the museo would look awful and who wants to take photos or gawk at dirty cars?

Plus, almost positive every car aficionado¬†who strolled through #TheMarconi would ‘for shame’ us.¬†

So thank you, sticky,¬†abrasive compound used to smooth out¬†a car’s surface for making us look good.

6. Event Clients


Event clients to #TheMarconi is like bread and butter. If it weren’t for clients booking at #TheMarconi, Marconi Foundation for Kids would not be able to¬†

donate as much funding as it does each year to at-risk children’s charities. A portion of net proceeds from booked events goes directly to fighting for children in need throughout Orange County.¬†

Thank you for helping us help kids!

5. Office Dogs


Having an office dog means you’re guaranteed a couple extra walks outside the office and what boss is going to tell you NOT to walk their dog? #Winning

They’re also the perfect solution to forcing you to take a break from the busy to¬†give them pets/love. Every office should have a dog, just saying.

4. Starbucks

giphy (1)2

If you can drink tea in the afternoon on a Monday and feel rejuvenated, more power to you.

Most of the people in this office need an I.V. drip of caffeine right around 2PM and luckily for us, there is a Starbucks on the opposite corner of the museum on Redhill and Edinger. 

Thank you Starbucks for being SO convenient to #TheMarconi – we know that’s why you picked the location ūüėČ

3. White House Catering


We can’t live without food, fact. Well, Marconi Crew couldn’t live without White House Catering, our exclusive in-house caterer.¬†

Not only does White House Catering provide Marconi Auto Museum guests with bomb food, White House is also affiliated with Caterina’s Club and its mission to end childhood hunger. We’re constantly¬†surrounded by people and vendors striving¬†to make Orange County a better place to live.

2. Sponsors & Loyal Donors 


The Marconi Automotive Museum & Foundation for Kids has an abundance of longtime supporters who are an integrate part of our foundation success. 

In the wise words of Buddy the elf, we LOVE YOU!

1. Founder Dick Marconi

Dick Marconi Website

Are words really necessary here? He bought the building back in the 90s to house and fix his race cars for Marconi Racing and in 1994 he donated the entire collection and building to create Marconi Foundation for Kids.

Cheers to Dick Marconi and his mantra, “learn, earn and return,” without him we REALLY wouldn’t have a job or a role in the lives of the thousands of children in need living in Orange County.

And there you have it, 10 things #TheMarconi can’t go without, no matter how hard we try (especially that afternoon coffee run. You don’t want to see Missy without her afternoon coffee …) it’s the small and big things that get us through each day.

We are a small nonprofit, automotive museum and event venue, but we’re one big family working to serve Orange County and its organizations striving to help kids in need. We’re thankful for each and every person who helps us help kids!

The Marconi Automotive Museum is a class 501 ¬©(3) nonprofit located in the heart of Orange County. A portion of the net proceeds from booked events goes to various at-risk children charities throughout Southern California. We are open to the public for museum visitors Monday through Friday 9:00am ‚Äď 4:30pm, double check our¬†event calendar¬†before visiting.