Can you even think of 5 reasons to give thanks for your car? Let’s try together, I’m sure we can come up with a few reasons to be thankful for the expensive hunk of metal that gets us from point A to B. What exactly is the meaning of Thanksgiving and what does Thanksgiving day mean to you? Think about it for a few minutes and then proceed to the next paragraph. Thanksgiving Cherry Pie - The Marconi Automotive Museum Personally, Thanksgiving means the Macy Day parade, football, crisp fall weather with a hint of winter coming in the air and baking homemade pies. Maybe yours includes the 4-day weekend, a family reunion, purchasing stretchy pants and/or decorating the Christmas tree. The first Thanksgiving had nothing to do with either. It wasn’t a holiday or a coordinated dinner, it was a simple gathering. Thanksgiving Turkey - The Marconi Automotive Museum So in short, the meaning of Thanksgiving includes an expression of gratitude; to reflect on the year and appreciate good fortunes. Speaking of good fortunes, let’s get back to why we’re here in the first place – trying to come up with 7 good reasons we’re thankful for our car.

5. TGFCG – Thank Goodness for Costco Gas

Dear Costco, Thank you for providing us car owners with [cheaper] petroleum. After California passed the ‘gas tax’ we’re all looking for a good way to save a buck. PS: your $1.50 hotdog combo makes your long lines every part of the week and day totally worth it.

4. Wherefore Art Thou AAA?

Can we take a minute and give thanks to AAA and all other roadside services provided? Thank you for saving us on the side of the road when we forget to stop (or refuse to acknowledge we need it) for gas and run out on the worst intersection of the 405 freeway. Also, thank you for changing our flat tire out for the spare (even though we should know how to do that, too.). We appreciate the service, even if we forget to thank you sometimes … Rosso Cor

3. All The Cars at The Marconi

Hey, we could’ve waited all the way to #1 to drop a shameless plug into this blog about why we’re thankful for the cars at the museum but we won’t make you wait that long. Thank you Dick Marconi for donating your entire $30 million car collection to found the museum and Marconi Foundation for Kids. Without your desire to give back to those in need, none of us would be here working to continue and honor your legacy.

2. The Actual Car

If you have a personal mode of transportation, throw a little thanks in its direction. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a car to get them from point A to B and are stuck looking for a seat on the bus with the least amount of gum stuck to it. But feel free to still complain about the expense that comes with owning your own vehicle. Car insurance, maintenance bills and the weekly fill up at the gas station all still bite the big one. Thanksgiving Day pumpkin pie - The Marconi blog image

1. Better Than The Alternative

What’s the alternative? Back in the day it was a horse and buggy, so better to not have to smell the poop or pick it up. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We at The Marconi hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your good fortunes, family and food. Drive safe, may your traffic be light and your bellies be full. 
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