Buffet style meals have gotten a face lift within the last year and we’re loving it. So much so, we’ve put together our top 7 trendy food stations you want at your next event when you host yours at The Marconi (the only shameless plug on this post, promise!). Presentation is a huge part of the dining experience, any chef will tell you its a key ingredient to success. Who wouldn’t want a donut wall STACKED with  fresh, flaky sweet donuts? I hope you’ve eaten your breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the time of day you’re reading this post. Fair warning, it WILL make you hungry.   Scroll if you dare:

7. Donut Wall

7 Trendy Food Stations

Oh, donut even pretend this isn’t the most delicious dessert stand you ever did see.

Skip the cake and dunk in to donuts. 

6. Milk & Cookies

milk & cookies station

Give your guests a taste of the best part of their childhoods, without the Mom obstacle. You can have as many chocolate milk shooters as you want!

The bite sized cookies paired with mini milk shooters are also 100% guilt free.  

5. Mac & Cheese Bar


Who loves Mac & Cheese?

Who wants the option to load up their mac & cheese with additional goodies like: bacon, bread crumbs, extra cheese and fresh veggies?

What else do I need to say to convince you, you NEED a Mac & Cheese bar, nothing? Great! I’ll cheese you later.

4. Cheese Tasting Station

Cheese Station Vizio

Speaking of cheese, we love it when our clients ask for a cheese tasting station.

If mac & cheese isn’t your style, maybe this is right up your ally. Wine glasses anyone?

3. Taco Tuesdays

Taco Bar at The Marconi

Great, now I’m hungry for chips and salsa, no guac, no salsa.

If you do host an event on a Tuesday don’t tempt bad karma and give your guests the opportunity to celebrate Taco Tuesday, because how often do you actually get to a taco joint on a Tuesday? 

2. Self Serve Ice Cream Bar

ice cream bar at The Marconi

Can we talk about homemade ice cream in a mason jar on ice for a second?

Do you know how many of your guests would become Instagram famous (and would owe you for their fame) because of this station. 

1. Grilled Cheese Sliders & Tomato Soup

grilled cheese & tomato soup  

Yes, I understand this is a photo of tray passed grilled cheese and tomato soup, and not a food station but use your imagination a little bit. It can be turned into a scrumptious food station.

I couldn’t resist showing off our caterer’s homemade tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese squares, especially because I know they’re delicious and have been known to cram a couple dozen down in one sitting. Yeah, the cooks might not be too excited when they see me walk in for seconds …

Which food station was your favorite? We’ve got a little bit of a sweet tooth around the office, so almost everyone shouted “DONUT WALL.”

Don’t see a food station that knocked your socks off? Tell us about it in the comment section. Nobody in this office wants to miss out on a chance to make White House Catering do a taste test.

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