How many weeks have passed? Is it eight or nine, maybe ten for some? All I know for sure is that looking forward to future festivities is what has helped keep a pep in my step.

Personally, I am daydreaming about when we can open the doors to the museum again for automotive tours and micro-events.

Simply having ‘something’ to work towards makes the longer days manageable because there is always hope to grab onto when something fun is just off on the horizon.

So, maybe start planning that Father’s Day BBQ or belated birthday bash you couldn’t celebrate due to the shutdown. Even a themed dinner party with specialty cocktails and an elaborate menu is future fun, perfect for the regathering of friends and family.

Close your eyes, and pick a random date two to three months from now and get to brainstorming and planning. This is the same type of activity we’ve been doing at the museum.

Corporate, social, and weddings, will all look a little different for some time so it’s an opportunity for creativity! If you’re a wedding couples who has had to postpone your special day, wee’re working on packages to help you and future couples, celebrate with style, class, and a touch of adrenaline.

The same goes for our corporate clients!  Our sales team is putting together looks and pricing to help accommodate smaller gatherings. Check out these two photos we curated the other day.

There is hope on the horizon. Start planning your future fun!

And remember, every week that passes is another week closer to finding our new normal.

Here’s to hope,

Priscilla ‘Bo’ Marconi –