We got a message from our friends at Orange County Rescue Mission and we want to share with all of you how you can help us help kids this summer, too! Here’s a personal request from OC Rescue Mission President Jim Palmer: Summer is here, which means we are about to enter the lean giving months at Orange County Rescue Mission. Would you help by sending a summer gift today? At the Mission, the number of homeless men, women, and families is growing, stretching our capacity to meet the need. That’s why your gift is more important now than ever. Please do what you can to help today, every gift matters! Click here to give now, it’s quick and easy.  sarah-cervantes-623703-unsplash Here’s a real story of how your gift is helping change lives from the Orange County Rescue Mission newsletter:
“I was at a crossroads. It was either end it, or keep fighting and see what’s the unknown in front of me.”
Justin stood on the edge of a bluff, ready to say goodbye to this life. He had never felt such despair in all of his life. For the past three weeks, home had been the streets. He had just gotten robbed of the last of his money and his drinking was way out of control. It had gotten so bad his body rejected everything. But Justin couldn’t shake the craving for his next fix. For eight years, Justin’s life veered around this vicious cycle.  Now, Justin inched closer to the edge of the bluff. Closing his eyes, he prepared for the final drop. Justin describes what happened next: I took a step, but the wind blew me back. I tried again, and the same thing happened again. Then it happened again, but the wind was stronger and it blew me on my backside. I said, “God, I don’t believe you. I can’t believe this is happening.” It was at that moment Justin felt a hand on his shoulder a voice inside his head say, “I do love you. I have a plan for you. Just give me your heart.” At that point, I broke down. The burden, the shame, and guilt pulled off me.  With the help of an old friend, Justin found his way to Orange County Rescue Mission. “When I was told I was in, I just started crying.” He knew that volunteer work was a big part of the Mission’s program. He wanted to volunteer “anywhere but the kitchen,” so of course that’s where he ended up. “I became a leader back there,” said Justin. “I started out washing dishes. Then, they asked me if I wanted to try the position of supervisor. They were creating a new position. So I went from dishwasher to breakfast lead, to dinner lead.” Today, Justin not only manages the meal preparation, he also oversees food safety inspections, student training, and other day-to-day operations. Justin is thankful he got put exactly where he needed to be. 
“I became a leader back there for people to depend on. I also train people and help people with their weaknessess and turn them into strentghs. The kitchen is the best place to come if you want to change, to learn about yourself and how to communicate with others.”
Today Justin is hoping to use his kitchen management experience to find full-time employment in food services. Make a donation today to help more people find the hope to start again. Marconi Automotive Museum & Foundation for Kids Event Venue logo

The Marconi Automotive Museum is a class 501 ©(3) nonprofit located in the heart of Orange County. A portion of the net proceeds from booked events goes to various at-risk children charities throughout Southern California. We are open to the public for museum visitors Monday through Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm, double check our event calendar before visiting.

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