Are You An Automotive Smarty Pants? We’ve come up with a fun quiz to test those automotive skills, put your answers in the comment section to see if you’ve got what it takes. mercedes benz

1 – What is the biggest engine size available in the Jaguar XJ?

A) 5 ltr. B) 3.2 ltr. C) 6.2 ltr. D) what does LTR stand for?

2 – Which car won executive car of the year 4 times in a row?

A) BMW M5 B) Jaguar XF C) Mercedes S-class D) Ferrari FX

3 – Which car company said that Ferrari could not call its car the F150?

A) Ford B) Toyota C) Volvo D) Nobody tells Ferrari what to do!

4 – What kind of ears does an engine have?

5 – What was the name of the famous VW also known as the Love Bug?

6 – What is generally considered to be the first ‘pony car’?

A) Pontiac Firebird B) Mercury Cougar C) Chevy Camaro D) Ford Mustang

7 – What car sold more than a million units in 1965 that still holds the record?

A) Buick Wildcat B) Pontiac GTO C) Ford Thunderbird D) Chevy Impala

8 – What was the 1st car to come equipped with anti-lock brakes?

A) Lincoln Continental Mark III B) Jensen FF C) Shelby Cobra D) BMW 1600

9 – What kind of car did Starsky and Hutch drive in the classic television series?

A) Ford Bronco B) Ford Thunderbird C) Ford Gran Torino D) Ford Ranger

10 –  What is the name of the caped lady on the top of the Rolls Royce radiators?

A) Flying woman B) Queen Elizabeth C) Spirit of Ecstasy D) Lady Liberty 

  Are you still feeling like the odds are ever in your favor? Tell us your answers in the comment section to find out!

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