Cartoons & Cars: Where To Spend All Eternity. That is this blog post’s question.
Who misses Saturday morning cartoons? Ya know, the good ones before Bob the Builder and Bratz flooded television screens. Wait, is Bob the Builder even still a thing? What are kids watching now-a-days? I think we can agree its not nearly as entertaining as what we watched as kids; subjectively speaking.  Now, as most of us are adults reading this, the days of plopping down in front of the television with a bowl of sugary cereal are long gone. But, because it’s ALMOST the middle of the week, lets take a moment and revert back to our once footie-pajama self and figure out which cartoon series we could spend an eternity living. And of course, the modes of transportation being the most important part in the deciding factor!  

10. The Jetsons



The Jetsons lived in the Skypad Apartments with a KILLER view and George only worked two hours a week.

I could dig it.

But, the space car with the clear bubble top for optimal viewing as my only mode of transportation? One question, what happens if you crash? A plunge to earth? Nope.


9. Speed Racer


The supercharged Mach 5 from Speed Racer-yes, yes, yes!

It’s bulletproof, waterproof, comes with its own security system, a.k.a ginormous rotary saws and a robot defense weapon!

I don’t know though, constantly having it stolen on a regular basis could get old. If I’m going to get it back every episode than can we just not bother?

8. Fairly Odd Parents


Timmy’s super bike was cool … it went fast …

“Chester” was a bit annoying though. He was fast and knew it, didn’t think his oil pan stunk like the rest of ours.


7. Inspector Gadget


The inspector’s car was a Toyota Supra/DeLorean mix. It could change into a van for family outings, a police car when it was chasing the M.A.D mobile or fly into outer space. It was loaded with gadgets up the wazoo and had a gnarly habit for speeding.

A definite possibility.

6. Captain America


Saving the world as Captain America on a tricked out Harley-Davidson? Not bad!

Although, the pressure from constantly needing to save the world might be enough to make ya pop.

I take it back, Captain America can keep his gig.

5. The Magic School Bus


You mean I can be Ms. Frizzle’s forever student AND take school field trips in every episode?!


As long as we don’t go inside the human body to explore the blood stream or stomach…

4. The Flintstones imgresDinosaurs still roamin’ the earth and everything about the Flintstones, yes! But, that’s a whole lot of exercise required to get from A to B.

I’m not sure I could get used to a regular appetite of dinosaur meat, either.

3. Spongebob


Spongebob drives a boat after EVENTUALLY getting his license from Mrs. Puff. While it would be hilarious to live in a pineapple under the sea and have Patrick Star as my bestie, if I couldn’t drive Aquaman and Barnacle Boy’s invisable boatmobile on a daily basis, I’d pass on being a forever fry cook.

2. Beetlejuice


Doomie the dragster believes he is a dog. He gets himself into plenty of trouble and doesn’t think twice about chasing a cat, but has the same lovable personalty a dog possess and would be the companion/vehicle of a lifetime and besides, who doesn’t love Beetlejuice?

1. Scooby Doo


Save the best for last.

I could 100 percent spend the rest of my days traveling across the country with Scooby Doo in the mystery machine. I could be one of those meddling kids who didn’t let the bad guy get away with their shenanigans!

Bring it on ghosts, ghouls and zombies!

Whaddya think? Scooby Doo and Shaggy, too, for the rest of your cartoon days? Let us know in the comment section which cartoon you could make it in for the long haul.

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