Dick Marconi surprises Marconi Automotive Museum guests during an event. Pictures included!
  You can’t ever really know when Dick will make an appearance at the museum. He enjoys the element of surprise and keepin’ everyone on their toes. But one thing as sure as the sky is blue, Dick will challenge you to “shake” the coveted F50. This can only be done in his presence (of course) and he already knows the outcome. It’s half his fun. Similar to the dog holding the keys in Pirates of the Caribbean, the car is never going to move. Why? It has an F1 suspension within its frame. Here are some snippets of Dick’s visit to The Marconi:   Paycom-5.21 Paycom-5.2111 Paycom-5.2122 Paycom-5.21333 Paycom-5.211313 Paycom-5.2115151 Paycom-5     The Marconi Automotive Museum and Foundation for Kids is a nonprofit museum and special events venue in Orange County. Net proceeds are donated to at-risk children charities throughout Orange County. For more information, please call the museum at 714.258.3001, or request a proposal for immediate action.  Thank you for helping us help kids!