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Ferrari Facts At The Marconi Auto Museum & OC Event Venue


Now, I know you might have been expecting a ‘On This Day In History’ post, but ironically, today is the day automobile safety activist Ralph Nader testified in front of Congress.

But we all just read about Ralph Nader, so how about we do a “Did You Know Ferrari ___ ” instead.

The Marconi Automotive Museum and Foundation for Kids houses quite a few Ferraris from the Italian Stallion, but how much do you know actually know about the creator?

Let’s do a list, because we all like those kind of blog posts.

Ferrari Fun Facts:

 – Abu Dhabi has a theme park dedicated to the Ferrari brand. A F1 rollercoaster included. 

– When somebody is in the market to buy a Ferrari they can customize every cubic inch of the vehicle.

– Enzo Ferrari was excluded from World War II because both his father and brother didn’t survive it. 

– Ferrari’s headquarters and “Museo Ferrari’ is in Maranello, Italy. 


Museo Ferrari (trazeetravel.com)
Museo Ferrari (trazeetravel.com)

– Ferrari only had one son, Alfredino (Dino), and he died of Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 1956 at the young age of 24. Enzo reportedly went to his son’s grave site daily.

Dino Ferrari (ferrariownersclub.net)
Dino Ferrari (ferrariownersclub.net)


 – The most expensive Ferrari is the 250GTO, which went for a rumored $15 million. 

250GTO (telegraph.uk.co)
250GTO (telegraph.uk.co)

– Ferrari’s logo (the prancing horse) is a gesture toward a Italian Flying Ace from WWI.

– WWII delayed the launch of the first Ferrari because Allied forces bombed the factory in 1944 and then again in 1945. It took Ferrari two more years to debut the V12 125 S in March of 1947.

– Enzo developed a character trait involving sunglasses. He would wear them for interviews and indoors. 

– “Ferrari Red” wasn’t chosen by Enzo. In the early years of auto racing, the color was assigned to Italian drivers by the International Automobile Federation. Nevertheless almost %50 of Ferraris purchased are Rosso Scuderia (Ferrari Red). 

– It’s rumored only 14 Ferrari vehicles have been totaled out of the original 400 made by Enzo. 

– The 166 Ferrari is considered the ugliest Ferrari ever made — it was given Abbott coachwork in 1954. 


So, how did you do? I’m sure you knew most of them 😉


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