[column width=”1/1″ last=”true” title=” title_type=”single” animation=”none” implicit=”true”] Group Tour with Dick Marconi and Bonsall USD Kids
A group of about 70 kids flooded into the museum around 10 am from Sullivan middle school down in San Diego. The museum was brimming with eager kids lusting over exotic cars one might not always see driving down the 405 freeway. By accident Dick Marconi had an interview at the museum about his artwork with local media and found himself smack dab in the middle of 70 kids, all amazed the man who created this was walking around the museum in person. It took a little over 5 minutes for Dick to draw a crowd and after an hour, the entire group had the pleasure of meeting the founder. The museum has about 75 autos and 25 motorcycles for viewing. The vehicles aren’t roped off, so visitors can get nice and close to take as many photos needed. The caveat to this is remembering not to climb or lounge all over the cars. It’s tempting we know and we’re lucky to have such responsible museum guests. Take a look at the kids and Dick Marconi this past Friday afternoon. img_7991 img_7992 img_7993 img_7994 img_7995 img_7997 img_7998 img_7999 img_8000 img_8001 img_8002 img_8003 img_8004 img_8005 img_8007 img_8008 img_8009 img_8010 img_8011 img_8012 img_8013 img_8016 img_8017 img_8019 img_8020 img_8022 img_8023 img_8024 img_8025 img_8028 img_8029 img_8030 img_8031 img_8032 img_8034 img_8035 img_8036 img_8038 img_8039 img_8040 img_8041 img_8042 img_8043 img_8044 img_8045 img_8047 img_8048 img_8049 img_8050 img_8051 img_8052 img_8053 img_8054   Near the end of the chance meeting between Dick and the kids, they all got up on a riser for a photo and Dick took the opportunity to speak to all the kids. In short, his speech was about staying in school, working hard and believing in yourself even when nobody else does. It was a great moment to witness.

The Marconi Automotive Museum is a class 501 ©(3) nonprofit located in the heart of Orange County. A portion of the net proceeds from booked events goes to various at-risk children charities throughout Southern California. We are open to the public for museum visitors Monday through Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm, double check our event calendar before visiting.

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