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Happy National Trivia Day at The Marconi, and we want you to participate! The one with the most correct answers throughout all social media platforms, will win a <<insert drum roll here>> a gift bag filled with custom Marconi goodies!

Participants must be able to pick up their winnings.

So, here’s the deal — There are 15 trivia questions pertaining to the museum. I will provide a written clue and photo hint, and again, the participant with the most correct out of 15 on all participating social platforms, will be the winner of the Marconi Trivia Challenge.

Winners will be announced by noon the next day. Be sure to include all pertinent information — the more information the better especially in case of a tie.

Ps: Don’t use Google as much as you might ….

Ready, Set, Go!

1. Which vehicle became a part of the Marty McFly legacy and his time travel to the ’50s, when an experiment from mad scientist Doc goes awry?


2. Which vehicle in the museum was named after his son, who died as a young boy and doesn’t have any company emblems on the car.


3. What movie was this racing jacket worn in? Bonus  What was the character’s name


4. Which vehicle is only one of three left in the world and was raced by founder, Dick Marconi and son, John Marconi, in the Mille Miglia?


5. Which vehicle was the most recognizable car on the road with its distinctive pointed “shark”-style fins and circular parking lamps set in the lower bumper?


6. Which vehicle did Kenny Bernstein drive when he was the first person to break the 300 mph barrier?


7. Which vehicle in the museum was commissioned after winning the gold medal at the Olympics and has 14K gold plated hydraulics, sound system and wheel?

Oscar De La Hoya

8.Which vehicle is yearly rumored to make a reappearance on the market and cemented itself as an American icon after ditching its economy persona for something more muscular?  


9. Which vehicle in the museum was purchased by Sonny for Cher?


10. Which vehicle was used in the movie Gone In 60 Seconds for engine and exhaust noise sound bites?


11. Which vehicle is built on a Testarossa chassis and originally designed for the Sultan of Brunei?


12. Which vehicle in the museum was specifically designed for retired race car driver Dan Gurney and has a custom bubble top


13. Which vehicle in the museum is best known globally for its doors?


14. Which vehicle was produced to celebrate Ferrari’s 50 years in business?


15. Which vehicle was the response to Ford’s Mustang  model and came standard with the “power bulge” hood, and the shaker hood was also an option?



Good Luck And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor! 



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