Let’s Play A  Game – Which One Would You Rather? It’s a popular Tuesday game our social media followers participate in every week. The Marconi posts two cars with a very serious question that you must answer because your life might depend on it… Just kidding, we’ve got the mid-afternoon laughs going on over here… Let’s play a game, where the points don’t matter and incorrect answers are encouraged. Here is Which one would you rather?! 1. Which one would you rather have to keep and maintain? The fire truck or the 24K gold-plated GMC Sierra? WYRig1 2. Which on would you rather have to open up on a straightaway? The @ferrari F40 featured on the bottom, or the F50 featured on top. This should get interesting. WYRig2 3. Which one would you rather, and we’re not telling you which is which because we’re feelin’ extra feisty in the office today – too much coffee MIGHT be the culprit. WYRig3 4. BMW M1 or the Pantera? Tell us in the comments! WYRig4 Let us know which one you’d rather and why (if you’re feeling feisty) in the comment section below. For more fun follow us on Facebook and Instagram @MarconiMuseum. Until next time!

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