Every year, around March, we hold Fight Night, a special fundraising event with celebrities, boxing, exotic cars, spectacle, and excitement, which is becoming known as the hottest event in Orange County. What makes Fight Night so special is that a large amount of the net proceeds are donated to numerous local children’s charities. Dick Marconi, the museum and foundation’s founder, lives by his mantra of “learn, earn and return.” First you learn by getting a good education, then you go out into the community and earn, and then you start to give back, perhaps in small ways to begin with, and then you start giving in more significant ways. And that’s exactly what he’s done. Dick is known as one of the great philanthropists in Orange County, California. Fight Night is a fun way of saying thank you, while voicing philanthropy through giving to local children’s charities Learn more about Marconi Automotive Museum, Fight Night, our foundation, and more by visiting