From recycling to drought resistant landscape, we work to be Eco-friendly here at The Marconi Automotive Museum. We want to help the environment, so we made these few easy changes – you can too! By Abby Bogh 1. Drought Resistant Landscaping Here at The Museo we have no-water grass and desert-style landscaping, complete with lots of rocks and plants that retain their water. Our landscaping not only saves water, but it looks great too! 2. Ice Bears Our AC comes from blocks of ice! During peak hours, our AC switches off and our offices cool using Ice Bears, a clean-energy AC system. Ice Bears produce ice throughout the day, and when the AC turns off, the ice is used to cool our building. Don’t ask us how it works, but we can tell you that it works well. Plus, we are helping the environment while staying nice and cool in this summer heat! 3. Turning off the AC We do not often run the AC in the main museum so we can preserve energy. We turn on the AC for our events, but try to run it minimally throughout the week. 4. Recycling We focus on recycling as much as we can here at The Museo. We recycle all of our bottles and cans from our bars after every event. We also use recycled paper in our office to help reduce wasted paper. 5. Becoming Straw-less We are working on becoming straw-less! Here at The Marconi, we are researching different options to replace those plastic straws that are so awful for the environment, specifically, focusing on our bar straws. At The Marconi we are always looking for new ways to help the environment, reduce waste and choose Eco-friendly products whenever possible. Tell us your ideas for more ways we can be Eco-friendly here at The Marconi in the comments below!