Fight Night, our signature fundraiser, is just twelve weeks away. During these next twelve weeks, we will be showcasing partners in Fight Night that make it such a “knockout” event! Round 1: Tito’s Vodka, our delicious vodka sponsor. Tito’s is quite special, produced in Austin at Texas, it is the first and oldest legal distillery. Their vodka is made in small batches and is designed to be enjoyed by spirit connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Tito’s Vodka is very philanthropic and believes in what The Marconi Foundation for Kids strives to do for the children and our community. Tito’s became a sponsor of Fight Night last year and we are delighted to have them back for Fight Night 17. Please visit to learn more. And for more information on Fight Night 17 and to purchase tickets, go to Stay tuned next week, as we continue our twelve rounds of Fight Night countdown. Follow Us On Twitter | Follow Us On Facebook | Pin Us On Pinterest | Watch Us On Youtube | #FightNight17 #12Rounds #SocialGood  width= Fight Night 17 Save the Datre 6x4