Fight Night now exactly a month away and wow has time flew! During this next month, we will be showcasing what makes Fight Night, one of Orange County’s best events, such a “knockout” event!

Round 9: Commerce West Bank is one of our biggest supporters of Fight Night. We love their bank, their people and their best practices! Commerce West Bank prides themselves on having the best team and making a big difference. They are determined to redefine banking for small and mid-sized businesses in Orange County and throughout surrounding areas in Southern California. We are very happy to have them back for Fight Night 17 on March 13th.

The Girls of the Marconi are excited to give you a sneak preview of an exciting new clothing line opportunity that will be benefiting the Marconi Foundation for Kids. Stay tuned for website launch and information.

Happy Valentine’s Day

To learn more about Commerce West Bank, go to

And for more information on Fight Night 17 and to purchase tickets, go to

Stay tuned next week, as we continue our countdown to Fight Night.

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Marconi Foundation For Kids Fight Night 17


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