Fight Night, our signature fundraiser, is now just seven weeks away! During these next seven weeks, we will be showcasing partners in Fight Night that make it such a “knockout” event! Round 6: Kenny the Printer, who has been a huge sponsor and supporter of the Marconi Museum and Foundation for Kids, provides the museum with all of printed collateral that you see, from our Fight Night Invitations to beautiful posters, brochures, flyers, and so forth. Every year during Fight Night, Kenny the Printer nearly donates the invitations, and other Fight Night related collateral. Stan Spencer, a sales and business development executive at Kenny the Printer, is big supporter of helping others and giving back. With Fight Night 17 benefiting The Marconi Foundation and Jessie Rees Foundation, two foundations Stan proudly supports, extra care and love have been put into the beautiful print collateral you will now see around the museum, plus the invitations that will be mailed out shortly. Kenny the Printer is very happy to continue to support The Marconi Automotive Museum and Foundation for Kids, and we are very happy to have them for Fight Night 17 on March 13th. To learn more about Kenny the Printer, go to, and to learn more about The Jessie Rees Foundation, go to For more information on Fight Night 17, and to purchase tickets, go to Stay tuned next week, as we continue our twelve rounds of Fight Night countdown. Follow Us On Twitter | Follow Us On Facebook | Pin Us On Pinterest | Watch Us On Youtube | #FightNight17 #12Rounds #SocialGood #Wine  width= Marconi Foundation For Kids Fight Night 17