Monday Motivation: Build A Car Not A Bear – how to ditch your Monday blues!
  How much does your dream car cost? And does it require selling a soul, kidney and half your limbs to park it in the garage? Well, this is the 21st Century and thanks to the inter-webs all of us can enjoy building our dream car without making a down payment, and [almost] every automobile manufacturer’s website has a Build It tab. It’s still Monday, so let us take a break and escape to a place where spending all your money doesn’t result in a guilt-stricken afternoon. Mercedes-Benz is up first. I picked the AMG SL65 Roadster. It’s starting price is $85,050. m1 The first step in building a dream roadster is to pick its color. I picked ‘Polar White’ because I’m particular against any other color Mercedes-Benz. I feel like all Lexus’ should be goldish as well!  m2   Then, the wheels were in need of an upgrade. I boosted those bad boys to a 20 inch 10-spoke forged, Black edition rim. This added an extra $500. I could justify every penny! m3 Black ‘Exclusive’ Nappa leather with Aluminum trim for the inside, please!   m4   The grand total for the AMG SL65 Roadster is $220,275. How did I rack up that much in additional accessories? No matter, my imaginary bank account for my imaginary Mercedes-Benz won’t mind the difference.
  Next up is a 2016  Dodge Challenger–considered to some as the end all-be all of muscle cars. The 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker grabbed my attention with its whopping $43,795 starting price. challenger1 Dodge wants its customize[r] to pick the PowerTrain of force. I stuck with the classic V8 manual transmission [standard] package. challenger2 FINALLY, I was able to switch the interior and exterior colors. Helllllooooo B5 Blue Pearl Coat paint! Don’t get me wrong, purple isn’t a terrible color [Don’t hate me purple people] but I associate the color with Barney–blame my parents! challenger3 This could sit in my garage for only $632 a month [insert womp-womp music here]!
  I couldn’t not make a Ford Mustang. If I didn’t, multiple family members would give me grief until I hit the “submit changes” edit button. I have to say, the convertible options were a bit saddening. I guess you can’t have fastback ‘wings’ when the top is soft …. it’s a bummer man. Building1   I decided a 2016 Mustang GT Fastback would be sufficient enough, and there’s nothing hotter than a sleek and smooth GT with Shadow Black paint. building4 The starting price is only $33,295! So, let’s begin by adding the silver racing stripe. building5   Upgrading the wheels, again. building6 Yup, 20 inch rims with glossy black paint and aluminum trim. See a pattern?  Carroll Shelby had the right idea, affordable hot rods for the average worker with a taste for power and speed. building9 This could end up in my garage one day!
  Last but not least, build your own Ferrari! Out of every “build it” studios this one was by far the winner, but did you expect anything less than perfection in the first place? I built a Ferrari California T — finally a convertible with some options! f1 After metallic Blu Abu Dhabi paint, 20′ black rims, charcoal leather seats with blue stitching …. f2 f3 f4 … diamond stitched seats [because it looked squishier and softer], Blu Medio steering wheel [with carbon fiber inserts] and dashboard colour to give its interior a POP… f5 f6 … A dream car was made. f7 Throughout the “build” the site gave you the option to observe the vehicle under different reflections to mimic different positions of the sun.   When deciphering which wheel fabrication you desired, it allowed you to spin the wheels to see them in motion. I’m really digging this blue!
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