Take a look at the Orange County Family Promise Gala that was hosted at The Marconi Automotive Museum located in Tustin, California. One of the only event venues that adds a touch of style, class AND adrenaline to each event. The Marconi Crew especially loves it when an organization wants to host a fundraiser / gala because #TheMarconi is also a foundation for kids that donates net proceeds from events to at-risk children charities throughout Orange County, BONUS! OC Family Promise boosted ticket sales after announcing the gala would be hosted at Orange County’s favorite event venue, Marconi Automotive Museum. The organization also raised more money while hosting at #TheMarconi then in previous years. Fun Details:
  • Ms. California was in attendance as a special guest
  • Silent auction and cocktail hour were held in the Veranda
  • Held a grand revel into the main museum
  • Used White House Catering as its food provider
And let us start from the beginning with pre set up and guests arriving with complimentary valet and cocktail service! img_6369 img_6373 img_6371 img_6370 img_6377   img_6385 img_6393-hdr img_6387 img_6386 img_6405-hdr img_6472 img_6476 img_6473 img_6477 img_6482 img_6481 img_6490 img_6489 img_6492 img_6493 img_6495   img_6500 img_6502 img_6505 img_6504 img_6509 img_6510 img_6518 img_6522 img_6521   img_6531 img_6535 img_6536 img_6542 img_6538 img_6543 img_6559 img_6566 img_6567 img_6569     Guests were then ushered into the main museum after raising the bay doors and revealing the $30 million car collection housed at Marconi Automotive Museum. Take a look at gala attendees enjoying the scenery. img_6571 img_6572 img_6573 img_6578 img_6586 img_6580 img_6619 img_6613 img_6599 img_6601 img_6628 img_6598 img_6591 img_6590 img_6587 img_6575 img_6577     Guests were floored when they entered the main showroom. The atmosphere wasn’t stuffy and helped promote its fundraising. After giving guests enough time to enjoy the museum, the show began and was off to helping raise money for Family Promise of Orange County. img_6657 img_6659 img_6660    

Will Family Promise get to the top of the thermometer by the end of the night?

  img_6692 img_6680 img_6694 img_6705 img_6720 img_6719 img_6718 img_6725 img_6727 img_6693 img_6795 img_6785 img_6753 img_6743 img_6751 img_6803 img_6805  

Is the suspense killing you yet?



img_6816 img_6815 img_6814 img_6803  

Of course they did! They booked at Southern California’s best venue to host a fundraiser if exceeding goals are on your to-do list!

A special thank you to Daniel Webb for sharing the photos he took for Family Promise at #TheMarconi!

The Marconi Automotive Museum is a class 501 ©(3) nonprofit located in the heart of Orange County. A portion of the net proceeds from booked events goes to various at-risk children charities throughout Southern California. We are open to the public for museum visitors Monday through Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm, double check our event calendar before visiting.

If you would like to get more information about hosting an event at #TheMarconi please fill out our online form, or give us a call at 714.258.3001. Dare To Be Different, Book at The Marconi today!