Supercharge Your Road Trip with these Roadside Attractions that are automotive themed and guaranteed to make any gearhead or Instagrammer happy. Wait, you want me to stop and stare at more cars after being in a car for how many hours? Yep, you heard right and if this doesn’t appeal to you, you’re at the wrong blog …. Road tripping through the U.S.A. is one of the best ways to explore and experience this country, as long as you have a good car companion.  Are we there yet every 15 minutes is a great indicator.  Here’s a list of pit stops you should consider making if you’re in the area.

Carhenge [Nebraska]

roadside attractions at The Marconi Blog

2141 County Rd 59 | Alliance, NE 69301

Similar to its British brother, these old cars are inline with the solstices and have been implanted in the earth since sculpture Jim Reinders put them there in the summer of 1987.

Volkswagen Beetle Spider [Iowa]

roadside attractions at The Marconi Blog

photo cred: olioiniowa

457 S. Chestnut St | Avoca, IA 51521

Not for the faint of heart for sure. If you’ve got a fear of spiders but a bigger dose of curiosity, we suggest visiting this roadside oddity during the daylight hours.

Nobody is sure what the purpose of this statue is for, but it’s not the only one of its kind. Apparently there are many car spiders crawling all over the United States.

We’re thinking this is an over-sized scarecrow. What do you think?

Cadillac Ranch [Texas]

cadillac ranch on The Marconi Blog

I40 Frontage Rd | Amarillo, TX 79124

This iconic landmark actually encourages its visitors to bring their own spray paint and leave their mark on one of the cars.

Truckhenge [Kansas]

truckhenge on the marconi blog

4124 NE Brier Rd | Topeka, KS 66616

We can’t get enough of cars sticking out of the ground, but this roadside attraction has a little bit more than just trucks.

It’s surrounded by other recycled object art with carefully trimmed and pruned native plants. It’s a two-for-one deal, nature sanctuary AND truck cemetery.

Chevy On a Stick [New Mexico]

chevy on a stick |marconi blog

5001 Gibson Blvd SE | Albuquerque, NM 87108

In 1991 artist Barbara Grygutis installed the classic car arch to symbolize the car culture of the West. If nothing else, it makes for a good photo op!

U-Drop Inn [Texas]

u-drop inn on The Marconi Blog

1242 N. Main St | Shamrock, TX 79079

This quaint cafe has all the remnants of old gas station feels, equipped with glazed ceramic tile walls and neon lights.

It’s been around since the 1930s but was recently restored in 1990s during the restoration of Route 66 and its historic landmarks.

Does this look a tiny bit familiar to you? featured on the marconi blog.

Well, if you’ve got small children or a fan of Pixar movies that might be why. This Route 66 gem was featured in the 2006 movie Cars. It’s the auto body shop owned by Ramone, a Chevy Impala lowrider. 

If you’ve seen any of these automotive landmarks during your travels, share your picture in the comment section!

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