[column width=”1/1″ last=”true” title=” title_type=”single” animation=”none” implicit=”true”] Throwback Thursday Fight Night 16 At OC Event Venue the Marconi Automotive Museum & Foundation for Kids. This year’s Fight Night 18 is fast approaching. On March 11, 2016 the Marconi Automotive Museum & Foundation for Kids is partnering with the Jessie Rees Foundation to host a wild west evening benefiting at-risk children. The Fight Night fundraiser has been an annual event since the inception of the museum, because Founder Dick Marconi has a huge soft spot for helping children in need and has made it his life’s priority to give back to the community. This post will give you a taste of what to expect for this year’s Fight Night. A glimpse into Fight Night 16 at the Marconi Automotive Museum, Orange County’s most unique event venue. The Auction Items: 009_3Q7A0021_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 008_3Q7A0019_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 007_3Q7A0018_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 012_3Q7A0025_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 018_3Q7A0044_Credit_BleuCottonphoto   The Main Event: 060_3Q7A0134_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 173_3Q7A0336_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 179_3Q9A0092_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 184_3Q7A0343_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 187_3Q7A0346_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 210_3Q7A0378_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 286_3Q7A0562_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 285_3Q7A0559_Credit_BleuCottonphoto   The Attendees & Special Guests: 299_3Q7A0587_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 264_3Q7A0503_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 255_3Q7A0485_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 155_3Q7A0320_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 145_3Q9A0070_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 136_3Q7A0299_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 134_3Q7A0294_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 118_3Q7A0253_Credit_BleuCottonphoto 071_3Q7A0155_Credit_BleuCottonphoto     The event is one-of-a-kind in fundraising for children charities. A night that’s unforgettable and annually raising more and more money for at-risk children charities in the Orange County area. #FNXVIII has a western feel this year, so put a pep in your step and buy your tickets today. [/column]