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Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck in traffic on your morning or afternoon commute, and it’s almost guaranteed if you live in Southern California and depend only on 405 freeway to get you to work or home.

The best way to soften the frustration that comes with only moving 5 mph for 20 miles is to turn up the radio and make your own good vibes. I’m notorious for getting caught singing or dancing in my car by passing motorists. If they stare I like to point and serenade them, too. So get in the groove and try it out with my top 7 songs to fight 405 freeway traffic woes, below.

7. I like To Move It Move It

It’s literally impossible to not crack a smile or bust out in dance when this song comes on.

I double dog dare you to try and dance so hard that the car shakes.

6. In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

I’m not sure if my love of this song comes from the show Friends, when Ross yells at his pet monkey (Marcel) to stop playing this song over and over again, or because I used to play it in the stands at football games.

Either or, attempting to hit the high notes causes some funny facial expressions I’d recommend you to enjoy.

5. We Found Love

It’s literally impossible to not jive with the beat and get hyped at its EDM crescendos. Don’t be afraid fellas to let your inner Ri-Ri out …

4. Gin and Juice

Looking for a chiller vibe so your road rage doesn’t teeter towards 5 o’clock news worthy? Enter Snoop Dogg.

3. Love Shack!

Hopefully you have a passenger seat rider and you can sing a duet, it’s the only way to enjoy Love Shack. 

2. Can’t Touch This

Can you do the MC Hammer dance while sitting down? I triple dog dare you. 

1. Mambo No. 5

One, two, three-four-five. Lou Bega will Mambo you straight into a better mood.

What’s your go to jam when you need a pick-me-up? Let us know if we left yours out in the comment section!

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