On The Blog: Transformation Tuesday at The Marconi Transformers Tuesday at The Marconi is different than #TransformationTuesday at The Marconi ….
Transformers | Robots In Disguise was produced by an American and Japanese toy company, Hasbro and Takara Tomy in the early 1980s. What started as a toy-line graduated to a television series and then to a box office smash in 2007. When you think about it, the franchise created millions of car lovers whether it was intentional or not. By adding a face, distinct personalities and a fight between good or evil, viewers cheer for their favorite character/Auto[mobile]bot. [In my best Optimus Prime voice] Autobots, roll out! s7kijt  

1. Bumbleebee – 1977 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 & 2009/14 Camaro


The astronomical question: Is there a preference between 1977 Bumblebee and 2000-ish Bumblebee?


2. Optimus Prime – Peterbilt 379


Optimus Prime is the voice of reason. He’s the strongest and most wisest of the Autobots. He’s got deep life lessons to whip out at a moments notice. For example:





3. Sideswipe – 2009 Corvette Stingray and 2011 Centennial Corvette


And why not watch a little bit of Sideswipe in action. 

4. Ironhide – GMC Topkick truck


And here’s a little Ironhide action as well.

5. Ratchet – 2004 Hummer 2 and Ambulance


“I can’t save them all. I learned that truism a long time ago, on countless battlefields. But still, no matter how many I help …  a hundred, a thousand … it’s the one that I fail that haunts me!”

Transformers sequels have been confirmed by Paramount for 2017, 2018 and 2019. #GetExcited

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