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On The Bog: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 


Valentine’s Day.

A Hallmark holiday that is hated by some and loved by the other some.

And since I have no way of telling which way you sway, how about we make a post for people who need gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or those in need of an idea for any other occasion.

So, do you have a gear-head companion and want to wow them this Valentine’s Day, err– or any day? Welp, this is just the post for you.

Here are the top 10 gift ideas we love for any day.

10. Brake Disc Coaster Set Of 6


9. Branded T-Shirt


8. Auto Timing Chain and Gears Clock 


7. Gear Shift Tie


6. Mercedes Benz Car Engine Cuff Links


5. Vintage Car Jack Table Lamp


4. Ford Mustang Speakers 


3. New Car Scent Soy Candle 


2. Gear Shift Pen


And finally, now we give you our number one gift for any gear-head….

Are you ready……

Drum roll please!

1. A Visit to The Marconi Automotive Museum 


Yeah, but for real.


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