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It’s week two of event updates at The Marconi!

The museum has fa-la-la-la-laed through corporate holiday parties and accommodated a traditional pre-wedding ceremony Friday night. The museum was draped in vibrant hues of green, purple, blue and orange. Slender umbrellas with color coordinating tassels dressed each table and encompassed the periwinkle tinted dance floor. An intoxicating night to remember for the bride, groom, guests and museum!

Nobia Wedding 002
Pieces of the centerpieces and table decor in the cocktail area
Nobia Wedding 010
The details of the swing that the future bride and groom sat in – front and center
Nobia Wedding 016
Looking through the swing out to the museum
Nobia Wedding 022
The details of the decor drew you in to its beauty.
Nobia Wedding 066
The dance floor lined with extra cushion
Nobia Wedding 081
Additional specifics that tied the room together
Nobia Wedding 001
The visual the guests received upon entering the venue
Nobia Wedding 033
The museum filled and set up
Nobia Wedding 063
The intoxicating centerpieces with a touch of adrenaline in the backdrop
Nobia Wedding 070
Center stage — the superb focal piece of the room
Nobia Wedding 090
A traditional dance done to welcome guests into the venue
Nobia Wedding 096
The women flowed majestically to the beat of the drums in a circle
Nobia Wedding 166
Operations Manager Todd drove the groom into the venue in the Ferrari F50
Nobia Wedding 125
The bride was chauffeured into the museum in the Azure convertible Bentley
Nobia Wedding 116
Event Coordinator Kristi putting the finishing touches onto the brides grand entrance
Nobia Wedding 112edit
The back of the bride’s gorgeous sari

The museum also welcomed a number of corporate holiday events including:



Irvine City Chamber Commerce

Hoag Hospital

Conveyant Systems, Inc.

Care Credit

BJB Enterprises 


Below are a few pictures taken from holiday party attendees:

Picture from @Jessica33184
Picture from @GorjessGemini
Picture from @stylesdegem
Picture from @the_killer_dueling_pianos


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