Welcome to the Marconi Automotive Museum, Shannon Randol!
  It’s officially been my first full two weeks at the Marconi Automotive Museum, and I wanted to officially introduce myself to The Marconi fans, friends and supporters. I am the new marketing coordinator at the museum and will be writing all the social media and blog content for The Marconi, indefinitely. And it’s a bit nice to know a little bit about the person doing the communicating. In a nutshell; I was born in Buffalo, New York and yes, I am a diehard Buffalo Bills fan and yes, it has been painful for most of my life. I also lived in Jacksonville, Florida, Virginia Beach, Virginia and Dallas, Texas (actually, Denton, but nobody knows where that is … ). Yeah, I’ve been a busy bee. If you’re wondering how I survived Cowboy Country as a Bills fan, I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy! I had this in my back pocket on the regular. thOS3YA1T3 And ironically, The Marconi’s Operation Manager, Todd, is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. I can’t escape them no matter how far away I am. 😉 It’s important to note that I will always end up being an icebreaker whether I intend to be or not. And the best way to give you an idea of how I am in real life is by telling you a story. Yesterday, The Marconi staff had an offsite meeting to discuss next year’s goals and for me, as a newbie, it was an introduction to the squad, and a chance to present and brainstorm new ideas with the team. After a few hours of collaborating and communicating we decided to take the meeting outside. The Balboa Bay looked refreshing, and being the spontaneous goofball I tend to be, I wanted to dip my foot into the water to test its refreshness — technical term. As I tenderly climbed down the platform to dunk my toe in the enticing water; I noticed the bottom step was covered in green algae slime. I made a mental note to gingerly place my foot on the bottom step before attempting to dunk. The thought had barely entered my head before my right foot slid forward and my left foot, desperately searching for traction, plowed into the railing, leaving me in water up to my thighs. Visually, this is probably what I looked like, except replace the stairs with water …  width= Kristi, Marconi’s sales and event coordinator was fortunate enough to watch the entire event unfold. There I stood, pants wet up to my thighs introducing myself officially as a part of the team for the first time. Are you picturing it? Can you imagine? Before I took a drink, I should’ve remembered the klutz curse from my mom’s side of the family. If anything embarrassing could potentially transpire, it probably will. There’s definitely something in my genes. IMG_5446 Obviously this photo was taken post unwanted bath. So here I am folks, soggy pants and all! I’m happy to be here and look forward to getting to know all of our Marconi family and friends.