No. 4 of The Secret Six

ferrari fx at the marconi

The Sultan of Brunei commissioned legendary Italian designer and engineer Pininfarina to design six one-of-a-kind Ferraris. No. 4 of the secret six and the only groundbreaking Ferrari to make it out of the jungle alive, making it one of the rarest and most interesting pieces of the automobile history, can be found at The Marconi […]

Lizzy Liz’s Last Ride at The Marconi

Lizzy Liz Last Ride at The Marconi

If you’re an event vendor of any kind, you’ve probably heard of the incredible Lizzy Liz. She is an event planner and designer who specializes in coordinating EPIC weddings. The Marconi staff has collaborated with her and her team of wonderful “frendors” on multiple occasions and it was always a blast. Recently Lizzy Liz announced […]