Founder Dick Marconi celebrated 85th birthday at the Marconi Automotive Museum with about 35 close friends and family. The intimate setting for a smaller group was spectacular.

Decorator Michelle Divel from Outside The Box Design in Dana Point did a phenomenal job making Dick’s Russian birthday theme come to life. Why Russian? Dick is half Russian and half Italian, naturally, his Italian heritage gets most the spotlight so this year he switched it up.

White House Catering provided a divine plated dinner which included caviar blinis, beef stroganoff, and pierogis. Classic dishes which came from Eastern Europe and good meals for keeping warm during cold winters.

Dick’s birthday cake was also a Russian honey tea cake which we were told was absolutely scrumptious. It was specially prepared by Chef at White House.

“It was incredibly meaningful to have Dick’s friends and family at the museum celebrating him for his 85th year,” said wife Priscilla ‘Bo’ Marconi.

And now…let’s get to the best part…event photos! Shout out to Carla Rhea Photography for capturing these awesome shots. She is absolutely wonderful to work with and has a knack at capturing moments you want to remember. Here are some shots from Dick’s birthday party at The Marconi.

I bet that table cloth would make a great snuggie …

Oh yes, did we mention guests were encouraged to dress according to the theme? Dick is wearing a handmade jacket that was given to him by an old neighbor who was from Kazakhstan. Isn’t it beautiful?

Also pictured are a few Russian hockey players, the notorious tracksuit made an appearance (any guesses who that’s a nod to?), and a rendition of a snowflake.

Now, are you ready to see this birthday cake?!?!

Kinda makes you hungry, doesn’t it?

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